EP66-0450T3I5F2AD01 ( 3-phase 400V 45kw )

3,282.0 s DPH
2,735.0 bez DPH

Price with VAT: 3282

Supply voltage / Power3-phase 400V 45kw

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0.4 kw - 90 kw


DSP based high-tech motor control concept, suitable for V/Hz, SENSORLESS VECTOR, PMM synchronous motor control, SPEED/TORQUE control mode.
Intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy setup
Rugged construction, IP66/NEMA 4
Flexible configurable 4 line character display – ready for any common field bus
Removable cable conduit plate, including vent with humidity barrier
Space inside the drive, for customer options, like main/emergency switch, start/stop selectors, potentiometer and brake resistor
Optional BYPASS switch build in
C3 class filter standard – optional C1 EMC filter build in for 1. Environment (residential area)
All standard inverter functions build in, to make it suitable for various applications in industrial and civil area, and for retrofit as well
Smart PC-tools, for inverter control, parametrization and troubles hooting. parameter-duplication stick
Ready for the worldwide market, due to approved international standards

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